There is no climate emergency

The letter to the editor the AZ Star didn’t print

Many letters to the editor of the Arizona Daily Star are from people who have swallowed the climate alarmist propaganda that we are in a “climate crises” or “climate emergency.”

On December 11, 2019, I submitted the following letter to the Arizona Daily Star. I did receive acknowledgment of receipt from the Star, but as of December of Dec. 18, I haven’t seen the letter in the printed nor in the online version of the Star. Here is what I wrote:

There is no climate emergency

Climate has been changing for more than 4 billion years. There is nothing humans can do about that except adapt. Cutting carbon dioxide emissions will have no effect on climate. There is no physical evidence supporting the contention that carbon dioxide emissions are a significant driver of global temperature and general climate. That contention lives only in computer model scenarios, the results of which diverge widely from actual observations. To read about the real drivers of climate, the major flaws in the greenhouse hypothesis, and why many “main-stream media” reports are wrong, see my 30-page blog article:

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