The Importance Of The Classroom Code Of Ethics

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The initiative, Classroom Code of Ethics was designed to protect teachers as well as the rights of the students, all the students. It is important that the taxpaying citizens, as well as the teachers, understand that when they get a teaching position they are agreeing to the code of ethics written as the law of -the -land under the Arizona Revised State Statute.

Teachers under contracts need assistance and additional coverage to perform many a task as assignment details are required and performance is expected to be fair, forthright and objective for students in the educational process of learning.

Educators, teachers, and employees are expected to protect the students’ safety by all means at all times. Having a  Classroom Code of Ethics enables each individual teacher a process by which they can ensure the classroom is managed and maintained according to written law and an outlet for an alternative reporting.  Time is now to add a safeguard and not “after the fact.”

Our educators are trained and need the tools available, and allow an effective and efficient, means to protect not only the students but the taxpaying citizens a voice on the 2020 Ballot for a Classroom Code of Ethics.

Catherine Barrett is an Arizona Governor’s Master Teacher and currently Chair of citizens initiative petition, A Classroom Code of Ethics For Public Schools K-12. You can find her on Twitter @ReadersLeadPD, and on Facebook at Yes4Ethics.

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Catherine Barrett is an Arizona educator and chair of the Classroom Code of Ethics organization.