Pima County Residents Warned Of Scam Calls From Arizona Superior Court


TUCSON – Pima County officials are warning residents about an ongoing phone scam involving the Arizona Superior Court in Pima County. Officials ask residents to be cautious of incoming calls displaying the Superior Court phone number (520-724-4200) in which the caller requests personal information or monetary compensation.

The Court is recommending that anyone contacted by potential scammers call local law enforcement, either Tucson Police Department 520-791-4444, option #2, or Pima County Sheriff’s Department, 520-351-4900 or 1-888-477-2328.

The County posted the advisory on Facebook:

Someone falsely claiming to be a representative of the Superior Court is calling Pima County residents advising they are being contacted because their Social Security number (SSN) has been compromised. They then ask for, or ask the individual to call back to verify their correct SSN.

Another scam call imparts that the person’s loved one is in jail, and the Court needs a credit card number or monetary payment in order to release that person from custody.

As soon as a caller demands sensitive information or that you immediately provide money or payment, it is a scam, even if you see the Court’s phone number on your Caller ID. Current technology allows scammers to “spoof” or alter Caller ID to make it appear the call is coming from the Superior Court’s phone number.

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