Letter To The Editor: United We Stand

Sen. Bernie Sanders
Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders

United we stand. It’s absolutely true – when the weak stand together, they can resist the powerful.

Our less privileged fellows who lack basic human needs – healthcare, economic equality, a secure future – are asking us to stand with them. They support candidates who hear their unmet needs and champion true equality, making the bold claim that such needs are human rights. Should we stand with them? Or should we hedge our bets to protect our own situation, by opting for something supposedly safer – but which leaves our fellows behind?

Senator Bernie Sanders insists that everyone – regardless of their income or position in life – should have full access to a decent life. This includes complete healthcare; education without burdensome debt; freedom from scarcity (a living wage); safety from terror and discrimination; decent housing; and justice free from predatory imprisonment.

Bernie’s proposals reflect an ethical standard that values every single human being. His commitment to a just world challenges us to examine our own values. Shall we join him in affirming that we can act ethically? Or will we once again abandon our fellows who depend on our loyalty to finally have their needs addressed?

United behind either candidate, Democrats will absolutely win the presidency this November. We are being persuaded to accept less for our fellows, told that it’s the safer route. But the fact is that we are safer, stronger, and more successful when we stay true to our values by standing with our less privileged friends.

Kirby MacLaurin
Durango, CO

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