Media’s Post CV-19 Narrative: War With China

NBC reporter Peter Alexander

America’s highly concentrated liberal media, the oligopoly where 7 companies control 80+% of all news & content, are now in the midst of a sudden, forced-epiphany.

It goes something like this, “Oh crap! Our unmitigated Trump-hatred & fear-mongering has resulted in unprecedented $$$ trillions in wealth-destruction, and for what? A minuscule % of deaths among 331 million Americans.”

QUICK, DO SOMETHING!  (have to continue the distraction)  WAR WITH CHINA!

Think this is extreme, and off the mark?  Goldman Sachs said on March 20th, their estimate of American GDP losses would be at -24%, or over $5+ trillion in wealth destruction, and it “could easily tip the nation into a 2nd Great Depression”.

As faux TV newsman Ron Burgundy would say, “Whew-boy! that escalated quickly, huh?”

Meanwhile, over in China where the Wuhan flu originated, things are getting back to normal.  And just in time for the Munich-based GISAID (Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Data) to conclude there probably was no bioweapon hanky-panky.  You can see the GISAID conclusions at

Just corrupt Wuhan officials hiding things from their superiors in Beijing, while hundreds of millions of Chinese travel, like they do every year at this time for New Year’s.  Their 2 month concealment of the coronavirus was very expensive.

Now everybody wants a bail-out.  Boeing, the travel, hospitality, & liquor industries, corporate executives who bought up their companies’ (now) cheapened stock with corporate funds to boost earnings per share, and garner even bigger bonuses.   It’s become a vicious circle; scads of bankruptcies are just around the corner.

The financial carnage is still accumulating.

Anyone, who doesn’t half-way consider the US mainstream media (MSM), and their perverse obsession with revenge on Trump, hatred of his foreign policy (no more endless wars), his court picks, his family, his booming economy, and all the ‘deplorable’ American people who actually voted for him in 2016, as being minimally 50% responsible for this unnecessary debacle…. you’re simply an idiot.

Stay tuned for their next act (to fade the heat): War with China.

Sellers is a South Park Republican who lives in incorporated Oro Valley.  His background is federal tech-transfer commercialization.  Contact him at



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