Jeff Utsch: Fresh Courage

I could be wrong and probably am
But can’t help think it’s all a scam.
The disease is real, this I agree
But our reaction, is a sight to see.

The focus of all is on deaths which MAY come
If we don’t drop everything and stay in our home.
But what of the sureness of costs that WILL happen
If we grind to a crawl and our industries slacken?

Bankruptcies, foreclosures and mayhem ensuing
Will dwarf the effects of disease, that we’re ruing.
Countless lives damaged and businesses sunk
I’m just not so sure it’s been properly thunk.

Our highest ideal had been Liberty or Death.
Now security comes first while we party with meth.
This pandemic will not affect everyone’s purse
But small business will die as if under a curse.

Lifetimes of sacrifice, work, sweat and pain
Gone in a moment, just flushed down the drain.
But it’s all OK with priorities straight.
Our personal safety and that of our mate?

Yet, perspective counts too. Have we long been this way?
Then our founders in Britain would have opted to stay
In those o’er seas islands which gave us our birth
‘stead of claiming our piece of this grand Mother Earth.

They’d have stayed close to home and to garden and hearth
Rationalizing their purpose and infinite worth.
But no, there were real men and real women too
Willing to risk their all for a few.

Of the principles mattering most in that day
More cherished than life, of this we may say.
Just what kind of people are here at this time?
Can our acts come together? Do you care to opine?

So quick to react dreading all the worst cases
Paralyzed by fear on everyone’s faces.
Is this what our grandpas’ reactions would be
When they stormed all those beaches at French Normandy?

Are we too scared to act on our own behalf
Instead of believing what’s heard from the staffs
Of the media and government in that high ivory tower
Who selfishly crave all that money and power?

Is this what we teach to the next generation
To be stopped in our tracks with each revelation
Of what could be if we don’t comply
With bureaucrat dictates and the need to rely

On handouts and charity from those who control
Our lives in many more ways than we know?
The extent of our servitude’s clearly laid bare
And all we can do is sit helpless and stare?

Not I. I will do all the things that I know.
There are things worse than death where I’d rather not go.
I realize that it’s not all up to me.
We all get a vote in this society.

This is just my small voice and opinion to share
With others who may think the same or to care
To head off bad consequences surely to come
More deadly to all, and not just to some.

My views are not based on irrational thought.
The facts tell the story, that’s why I’m not caught
In a wave of uncertainly based on the virus.
There’s much more to fear than why others won’t hire us.

For if this is the crisis that is larger than life,
What happens when something bigger comes along with a knife
And cuts us and makes our whole world come apart
And puts us more back than we were at the start.

For we’ve given our enemies cause to rejoice.
They now know the secret of ending the voice
Of our civilization and things we believe.
To ruin and crush us, they now have the key.

For rumors and fears and the unknown seems worse
Than knowing the enemy spear, script and verse.
So count all the blessings you have on this day.
And make sure our freedoms will not go away.

We must fortify, strengthen, resolve not to bend
To all who would strike with nefarious end.
For the pattern is clear for eyes which will see
Exaggeration and drama sell exceedingly.

So gird up your loins and fresh courage take!
The God we rely on will never forsake.
When His time comes to take us we’ll hear from His Son
In the meantime I’ve got lots of work to get done!

Jeff Utsch, founding member of Heirs of the Republic grassroots non-profit 501(c)3, has become a recognized constitutional scholar and historian with an interest in the founding of our country. Jeff previously served as a Director and Ambassador for the Navy SEAL Foundation, has 20 years of experience training U.S. military personnel, and is President and CEO of a small company in Tucson, Arizona.

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Jeff Utsch is a Leadership and History Instructor at the Leadership and Freedom Center in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where he teaches leadership lessons learned from the battle and forging trusted teams and leaders. Jeff also teaches professional development and "leading with a purpose" courses to law enforcement and other agencies around the country.He is the Founder of Heirs of the Republic Educational Foundation a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to “Securing the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and Our Posterity.” He previously served as a Director and Ambassador for the Navy SEAL Foundation, where he assisted in establishing an endowment within the Foundation. At the Foundation, Jeff chaired the Development Committee and organized and assisted with benefit galas in Tucson, AZ, Coronado, CA, and Virginia Beach, VA. He also has 27 years’ experience as President and CEO of a small company and 25 years’ experience training U.S. military personnel.Jeff graduated from University of Arizona in 1991 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering, where he also served as captain of the Swim Team. During his swimming career, Jeff was a member of the US National Team 1984-87, Top 10 World Rankings 1984-1988, and NCAA All-American in 1988. Using the skills, he developed as an All-American swimmer and Captain of the University of Arizona swim team, Jeff currently serves as an Instructor to the Navy SEALS/Naval Special Warfare community where he teaches Navy SEALS and support personnel specialized tactical swimming. In addition, Jeff has taught Air Force Para Rescue Jumpers, Combat Controllers, Force Recon Marines, Coast Guard MSST, and other military personnel.