Yuma Area Sink Hole Turns Out To Be Cross Border Tunnel

Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents, in conjunction with HSI special agents, began coordinating with counterparts in Mexico to secure any possible entry locations. [Photo courtesy CBP]

YUMA – On Monday, Border Patrol and special agents with Homeland Security Investigations responded to a report of a possible sinkhole or tunnel at the international border west of the San Luis Port of Entry only to discover it was a cross border tunnel.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), contractors had been moving soil while working on the border wall in the area when they uncovered plywood and boards. After more digging agents found an incomplete tunnel that measured approximately 8 to 12 ft below the surface of the ground at the location of the sink hole.

Mexican military officials were notified and secured a similar sinkhole on the Mexican side of the fence, approximately 10-12 ft south of the original hole. Upon further excavation of the sinkhole on the Mexican side, military officials discovered an aluminum ladder approximately 6-8 ft in length within the hole which was promptly removed by the Mexican authorities at tunnel entrance in San Luis, Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico, according to CBP.

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