Make The ‘Big Apple’ An Independent City-State

New York, New York

Since we have so many pushy & sanctimonious New Yorkers now trying to run America, I thought, “why not take this situation out to its ultimate conclusion?”  What emerged was a concept not altogether unfamiliar, inasmuch as I had spent time in Dubai and Singapore.

The United States should offer the following deal to NY City, a place that is, obviously—so superior to the rest of us, and entitled to it.  The 5 boroughs and all of Long Island (1703 sq. miles total) would get a special US Federal Charter, allowing them to become a singular & largely independent, city state.

The arrangement seeks to protect the United States from 3 centuries of NYC predation …all the past economic, social, cultural, and religious inflictions, while allowing NYC & Long Island a unique opportunity on the global stage.  As a bygone New Yorker might say, “such a deal!”

Really, they get the lion’s share of benefits, if they can stop their incessant self-aggrandizement, petty irritations, trashy personal tastes, and work together.  As always, the devil’s in the details, but the following would apply.

NYC/LI gets no representation whatsoever in the US Congress or the NY State Assembly.   Citizenship would reside with NYC/LI, and not be recognized in any dual manner.  Territorial limits would only extend 3-5 miles on navigable waterways, and out to sea.  The United States would reserve interdictory, march-in rights on matters relating to bankruptcy adjudication and military protection, which the US agrees to provide.

NYC/LI could not specifically use the US dollar, nor would the primary US Treasury dealers or Federal Reserve Bank still be located there.  But NYC/LI could create its own crypto currency, and if it was smart, become a center for blockchain-based, distributed transactions worldwide.  Still and all, NYC/LI could setup its own separate accounting system standards, but they would have to mesh globally with other nations.

NYC/LI would have to compensate the United States government yearly, denominated in gold bullion, based upon mutually agreed metrics, which could change with business conditions.

All economic activity, per the federal charter, would have to be completely transparent.  NYC/LI could create its own legal & penal system, courts, protection forces, and critical infrastructure security, without any interference from US Courts, or the usual cadre of American Liberal know-it-alls.

In fact, they would have carte blanche to deviate completely from the US Constitution, in every facet except that relating to property rights and bankruptcy settlements.  If they were smart, they’d immediately cap the number of practicing lawyers and law firms, and outlaw the practice of encasing home furniture in see-thru, outgassing plastic wrap.

I have every confidence, when stripped of the Lilliputian legal bindings of the past 3 centurys; this new NYC/LI conurbation will emerge triumphant within 5 years.  And easily be the Western Hemisphere’s equivalent of Dubai, Singapore, HK & KL, London or others.

In doing so, it might actually convey the kind of quiet respect & admiration their obnoxious behavior fools them into believing they currently have.  The ambitious & talented can move back.

Sellers is a South Park Republican who lives in incorporated Oro Valley.  His background is federal tech-transfer commercialization.  

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Sellers is a South Park Republican who lives in incorporated Oro Valley.  His background is federal tech-transfer commercialization.  Contact him at Sellers is also a grad of Clemson’s Architecture School and the University of NC School of Business. He was a founding member of the Albuquerque Friday Morning Breakfast Group (’82-’96) which elected numerous conservatives. He has lived in the SouthWest & PacNorthWest more than 40 yrs.