Tucson Software Company Offers Free Tracking Program To COVID-19 Researchers, Health Officials

Tucson-based Zinatt Technologies Inc. founder and CEO Gabriel Reina

Tucson-based Zinatt Technologies Inc. has developed state-of-the-art information tracking software for use by law enforcement investigators, and now the company wants to share its program with medical researchers and health officials to better understand COVID-19.

And it would be free of charge, says company founder and CEO Gabriel Reina.

“We can help with coronavirus (COVID-19) research,” Reina told Arizona Daily Independent. “We would like to do our part in assisting with any research needed to stop this pandemic currently affecting each and every one of us on a global scale.”

Reina says he spent several years working as an analytical linguist for a federal law enforcement agency.

During that time, Reina says he spent many nights sketching out an information tracking system that provided all the features he needed to be efficient in his job.

“I would be so frustrated during my shift, working with a difficult and ineffective system,” he recalls. “It was an escape to get home and see if I could build the perfect system.”

In 2016, Zinatt Technologies rolled out its first system with a drug task force in Georgia. Now, Reina, and his team are ready to demonstrate the Qtis software (which stands for Quick Tracking Information System) to local, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies nationwide.

“We saw a need for improved intelligence management in a variety of investigations within law enforcement,” Reina explains. “Qtis fills that need making investigations more efficient, reducing errors and increasing success rates.”

But Qtis doesn’t replace a law enforcement agency’s existing dispatch record program or record management system, according to Reina. Instead, it provides investigators with an innovative way of tracking case information.

“It supplements what is already there so the job of the client -the investigator- can be easier,” Reina said. “There is the ability of users to collaborate via a chat feature, there are forms that they need, and an ease in sharing information among users.”

This summer Reina intends to continue hitting the road with Qtis, showing off the system at technology and law enforcement conferences across the country. But what is especially unique about Qtis, Reina says, is that it can be adapted for just about any industry in the private sector with a need for collaborative tracking, whether for a small or larger number of users.

And that brings Reina back to COVID-19 and Zinatt Technologies’ offer to share its propriety software to help better understand aspects of the pandemic.

“There is a ton of COVID-19 data being collected that needs to be analyzed and shared for research by medical facilities and health departments,” he said. “And we are ready to help with that, at no cost.”

Reina can be reached at 888-939-3648 or through Zinatt’s website here.