Parks, Thorpe Deliver Much Needed Ambulance To Navajo Nation

Rep. Bob Thorpe and Supervisor Jim Parks deliver ambulance to hard hit Navajo Nation.

TUBA CITY – Coconino County Supervisor Jim Parks and State Representative Bob Thorpe delivered an ambulance on Tuesday to the Sacred Mountain Medical Service in Tuba City, that was donated by the Forest Lakes Fire Dept.

“On Friday April 17, former DPS Officer Steve Allen, who works for the Coconino County Sherriff’s office, flew Parks and me to Navajo County where a firefighter picked us up and drove us to the Forest Lakes Fire and Rescue Dept. to pick up the ambulance,” explained Thorpe. “Forest Lakes Fire Chief David Rodriguez had received a generous grant from the Gila River Indian Community for their new ambulance, and Forest Lakes graciously donated their old ambulance to the Navajo Sacred Mountain Medical Services in Tuba City.”

“In this time of great need, Sacred Mountain Medical, that provides emergency services out of Tuba City, truly appreciated the donation of the ambulance. Navajo Nation Vice President Myron Lizer also expressed his gratitude to Forest Lakes FD for their kindness to the Navajo people,” said Parks.

A similar new ambulance costs about $250,000, according to the men. The Forest Lakes ambulance came equipped with emergency lights, siren, radios, a $30,000 Striker electric gurney that can automatically lift up to a 700 lb. patient, and a ventilator.

As former EMTs, both Parks and Thorpe say they “were really excited that Tuba City would now have this additional First Responder asset for helping Navajo patients and their families, especially during the difficult time of the Corona virus crisis.”

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