House Republicans Propose Reopen Arizona Bill

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PHOENIX – On Monday, House Majority Leader Warren Petersen announced the introduction of HB2912, legislation aimed at reopening Arizona. legislators believe the bill will strengthen the confidence needed in business owners and consumers in order to fully open the economy.

Representative John Kavanagh is the bill’s sponsor.

According to sources, Governor Doug Ducey is expected to find a friendly legislator to run a watered-down version of HB2912 in order to maintain his tight control of the state.

“Arizonans have shown they can responsibly slow the spread of the coronavirus,” said Petersen in a press release. “Now that the stay at home order has expired, people are going back to work and play. But they need assurances that they can do so without the heavy hand of government threatening their ability to provide for and educate their family. That’s why Representative Kavanaugh and Senator Eddie Farnsworth are introducing bills to make sure there is confidence for businesses to keep opening, people getting back to work and schools to open in the fall without the fear of dealing with frivolous lawsuits.”

Jose Borrajero, Director of the Arizona People’s Lobbyist supports the bill and many members of the small business community support the bill. “For some time now, many of us observers of the way our government operates have been clamoring for the AZ legislature to get back to work and do the job they were elected to do,” wrote Borrajero. “We are finally seeing some significant movement in that direction, and we the people need to encourage all legislators to get on board with this.”

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