“It Is A Sad Day,” “Even Quicker Than Expected,” Lawmakers React To Sine Die

arizona capitol

PHOENIX – On Tuesday, minutes after three of his fellow Republicans joined the Democrats to end the 2020 Legislative Session, dashing hopes to pass protections for Arizona’s small businesses, retiring Sen. David Farnsworth laid out his case against his three colleagues.

The stunning Facebook live post by Farnsworth was shared widely almost immediately. The post was considered stunning by Republicans due to Farnsworth’s willingness to call out Sen. Heather Carter, Paul Boyer, and Kate Brophy McGee by name. Something not normally done by senators nor by Republicans who try to follow President Ronald Reagan’s “Eleventh Commandment,” which admonishes Republicans from “speaking ill” of each other.

Farnsworth told viewers that he hoped the liability bill, which was killed by the adjournment, might be reintroduced in a Special Session.

Democrats on the other hand, are celebrating the adjournment and are hoping the governor will call the Legislature into Special Session in order to pass more aid packages:

While many Arizonans, including struggling small business owners, have made efforts to open up the state after Governor Doug Ducey lifted his stay-at-home executive order, Democrats in the Legislature have argued it is still too dangerous to convene to pass legislation.

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