16 Senators Betray AZ Voters Remedy Proposed

heather carter
Arizona State Senator Heather Carter.

By now most everyone knows that the AZ senate failed to do its duty when it abruptly adjourned only minutes after it reconvened on May 26. We have a remedy for this problem, but first some background information.

The 16 votes needed to adjourn came from all 13 Democrats plus 3 Republicans, Boyer (LD20), Brophy-McGee (LD28), and Carter (LD15).

As a result of all this, there has been a knee jerk reaction among rank and file Republicans, leading to calls that all three bums should be voted out of office. As is often the case with knee jerk reactions, this one is ill advised.

The problem is that both Boyer and Brophy-McGee have no opposition in the primary election. In those two districts, come November, the senators will be either the bum Republicans or Democrats, which raises the question of what’s the difference, given the way these Republicans have been voting. There is a big difference because AZ is on the brink of losing its Republican leadership and we can not afford to lose any seats. We must look at the big, overall picture, and not forget that the majority party gets to choose the agenda and control the committees. This is why, as much as it hurts, Republicans must support Boyer and Brophy-McGee in the general election.

We have a different situation with Carter in district 15. Here is where we are in a position to apply a viable, doable remedy. District 15 has a substantial Republican majority, meaning that for all intents and purposes the elections are decided at the primary level. Unlike the situation we have had in the past, in this cycle we have a viable, powerful, conservative Republican challenging Carter, namely Nancy Barto.

Since Barto is in a safe district, she could just run for reelection as a representative. The only reason for her to take this risk is to provide the voters of LD15 with the best possible representation in the senate. We have not had this opportunity before, and we may never have it again. Let us not squander it.

Those folks who have been complaining about what Carter did, should redirect their attention to working on the solution, which is to elect Barto. One does not have to be in LD15 to support her. Folks from all over the state can help by providing their time, money, or both.

What about the vacancy left by Nancy Barto in the house? Actually, there will be two vacancies, the seat currently held by Nancy and the one currently held by John Allen, because he is term limited out.

Fortunately, we have two young, energetic conservative Republicans who will represent district 15 more than adequately, Steve Kaiser and Justin Wilmeth.

To find out how you can assist these three candidates, go to www.ld15team.com They are running as a team. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.