Major Damage Left In Downtown Phoenix, Looters Hit Fashion Square Mall

Looters run through Apple store.

PHOENIX – Businesses in the Scottsdale and Camelback Roads area were looted and vandalized on Saturday night. The area is the heart of the high-end shopping and entertainment district.

Looters, not protesters, all teens and young adults, breaking into businesses and stealing from Scottsdale fashion Square. Shattered glass, stolen clothes cover the ground.

Scottsdale Police advised the public that unlawful assembly has been declared after large groups appeared to damage and loot a number of stores in and around Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Officials said anyone who refused to leave the area risks arrest.

The Apple store was broken into, but there was nothing for them to loot.

Scottsdale Police Department Public Information Officer Bryan Reynolds sparked outrage when he appeared to dismiss the seriousness of the situation in a television interview. He implied that the Department would essentially stand down due to the fact that the rioters actions were “disturbing” but only involved “property damage.”


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