What Will Teachers Evaluations Look Like In The Time Of COVID-19

Teachers grab a cold glass of iced tea and take a deep breath! Masks are going to be whatever your preference is or what the Governor dictates. Don’t be confused; you’re not the decision maker.

The decision maker you need to be worried about is your evaluator. Who is going to be conducting them? How are evaluations going to be conducted? Is it the age-old system, where blackballed individuals get the hard nose evaluator and the rest are just going through the motions?

If we are successful getting the Code of Ethics in place, teachers like you stand a better than 70% chance of not being victimized as it provides a reporting outlet. What protections do you have today? Nothing. What have you got to lose with a Code of Ethics in place? Nothing.

Catherine Barrett is an Arizona Governor’s Master Teacher and currently Chair of citizens initiative petition, A Classroom Code of Ethics For Public Schools K-12. You can find her on Twitter @ReadersLeadPD, and on Facebook at Yes4Ethics




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Catherine Barrett is an Arizona educator and chair of the Classroom Code of Ethics organization.