Letter To The Editor: Are We Going To Allow Government To Control Our Lives And Mandate Masks?

Pima County
Pima County administration building

I come before you as a humble patriot who values the sacrifices of those who came before me in the fight for freedom.   I am standing before you as a humble patriot who stands behind everyone who has fought against government power on domestic soil.  I am a humble patriot who understands what the consequences are for those who fall into the path of socialism and allow its government to control them through the lies of safety and security for all.  I also understand that to you, I am a voice that opposes what you want to mandate in our community through the mandatory use of masks.  But, I stand behind our God given, and mandated essential freedoms as a law-abiding citizen of the United States of America.

My question today is, are we going to allow a government entity to control our lives and mandate how we live and what we can and cannot do?  Are we to give up our essential liberties for a little temporary safety based on what the CDC, WHO, and Dr Fauci, etc., has deemed is necessary?   Mandating mask wearing or face punishment is only restricting our essential liberties and is the first step to complete and total control under a socialistic government.   If we allow or implement a mandatory mask law, what will come next?  Will we be forced to have a vaccine, have contact tracing, will you forcibly come into our home and take away our children or family members and place them in concentration type camps, under the disguise of quarantine camps, will you come into our homes and take away our weapons, silence our voices which oppose the government, will you take away our right to go to church and practice our religion?  These are sure to come if we take this first step in government control of the citizens of the United States.

So, are we just going to let Pima County dictate whether we wear a mask or not and if we don’t, they will punish us? This is the United States of America, not some 3rd world communist country. We have been fighting for our freedom and independence since 1776 and this is how we lose it?  Just, roll over and let these dictators tell us what to do?  This goes beyond the, “for the greater good of mankind”, and treads dangerously along the lines of socialism. Remember the Holocaust? I’m sure the Jews didn’t believe they would be sent to concentration camps and killed, when they first sewed on their yellow stars. If we give a little, much more will be taken from us, the fight has just begun. I for one don’t listen to the CDC or big government entities hell bent on ruining our country and watching it self-destruct. I like to listen to real doctors, doctors who are risking their careers, their licenses, their livelihoods to speak up and speak against the CDC, WHO, Dr Fauci, etc.  These are the people we should be listening to, not our liberal mayor and county officials or our Rhino governor. This battle is only lost if we fall on the bandwagon and follow along like blind sheep being led to slaughter.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Ronald Reagan also said, “As Government Expands, Liberty Contracts.”

Patrick Henry said, “Give me Liberty, or Give Me Death.”

Our essential liberties as individuals are being imposed upon by the government, the government who should have no reigning power over us in the first place.

We all have seen this at face value, we all know this is a big ploy to try and control us and hopefully throw the election this year. It’s interesting that just when we start to get back to life as usual, these corrupt, power hungry politicians, try and weasel their way back into our lives and place us under even tighter restrictions. Socialists have been trying to infiltrate themselves into our lives, our country, and our school by indoctrinating our kids, for decades. It’s time we push back and cast them out.

The choice to fall on the bandwagon and follow along these socialistic values and beliefs is now.  You can either be for the people and by the people, who elected you into office and trusted you, that you would have their best interests at heart.   Or, you can follow these power-hungry politicians who would like nothing better than to see our essential liberties taken away under the threat of fines or imprisonment.

I hope you will take a moment to actually consider what I have said here.  Really take a moment, picture both realities in your mind and ask yourselves am I really working for the people, or am I just following along because I have been told it’s the right thing to do and it will all be ok.  Remember what brought us to this country in the first place, remember what we fought against during the war of independence, remember what we defended during World War 1&2, remember the enemy we have faced countless times within the existence of our country and then ask yourself, am I willing to give that up for a little temporary safety?  Am I willing to ask the citizens of the United States, the land of the free and home of the brave, to also give up these essential liberties?   Then ask yourselves, am I justified in doing this?  I mean really justified, or am I just following along with the crowd?  Who is behind these rules and laws?  Do they have everyone’s best interests at heart, or are they just power-hungry politicians who do not care about America and would like to see its freedoms destroyed and the power go to power hungry individuals?  These are the questions each and every American should stop and ask before falling in line with a socialistic agenda.

Laura Cortez-Estrada

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