Townsend Calls For Special Session To Address Executive Order

Governor Doug Ducey

Arizona State Rep. Kelly Townsend and business owners are challenging Governor Doug Ducey’s latest Stay-At-Home Executive Order. On Tuesday, Tom Hatten, owner of Mountainside Fitness filed a lawsuit against Ducey and Townsend called on the governor to call a Special Session of the Arizona Legislature.

Townsend issued a statement in which she stated she was calling on Ducey to call a Special Session “to restore the balance of power in these trying times.”

“While I appreciate the Governor’s attempt to address the COVID-19 crisis on a day to day basis, addressing the needs of the state while trying to preserve livelihoods and personal freedoms, his state of emergency declaration has removed all other sources of input, outside of his consultation with his own attorneys. This has disrupted our critical balance of power and has authorized him to govern this state as a monarch, rather than an executive of a three-branch government,” stated Townsend.

“As the crisis worsens, I believe that calling a special session of the Legislature where 90 other individuals who are the voice of the people of this State can offer input and guidance, is now beyond prudent. I realize that past Legislators gave him this authority to act alone in a crisis, however that language was passed shortly after 9/11 when fears of biological warfare were cresting,” explained Townsend. “I believe the entire state now realizes that this is not a good idea, and that the people in each district want their voice to be heard and desire the representative government that they were promised.”

On Monday, Ducey announced his decision to shutdown some businesses to combat COVID-19.

Ducey has said he will call on law enforcement to enforce his order.