$22.5 Million Judgment, Injunction Ordered Against Eonsmoke

(Photo by Greg Jordan/Creative Commons)

PHOENIX – A $22.5 million judgment and a permanent injunction has been ordered against the vaping company, Eonsmoke, LLC.

In January 2020, the Arizona Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Section filed a consumer fraud lawsuit to stop Eonsmoke from selling illegal vaping products and targeting youth in Arizona.

In October 2019, the FDA informed Eonsmoke that it was manufacturing and selling 96 illegal products that did not receive proper FDA approval. Illegal Eonsmoke products, however, continued to be available for sale in retail locations and online to Arizona consumers (including when the Arizona Attorney General’s Office (AGO) filed its lawsuit against the company in January 2020). Even more egregious, Eonsmoke engaged in marketing tactics that targeted underage consumers in Arizona.

In February 2020, the Superior Court granted the State’s preliminary injunction request, ordering Eonsmoke to immediately cease the sales of illegal vaping products. In the wake of this ruling, the AGO’s Tobacco Enforcement Unit sent over 4,880 letters to retailers informing them that they were facilitating the sale of illegal vaping products.

On July 27, 2020, the Court issued a final judgment against Eonsmoke. The judgment permanently enjoins Eonsmoke from: advertising, marketing, or selling any illegal products in Arizona; marketing, appealing to, or targeting underage consumers in Arizona; and providing any products to underage consumers in Arizona or distributing products to retailers with three or more violations of the underage sales statutes.

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