Leaders Prepare To Honor Navajo Code Talkers

Navajo Code Talkers [Photo courtesy National Archives]

PHOENIX – Leaders across the state are preparing to recognize Navajo Code Talkers Day on Friday, August 14. The Code Talkers will be hailed for their achievements and crucial assistance to the American war efforts during World War II.

“In 1982, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed August 14 as a special day for our nation to honor the heroic service and sacrifices of our Navajo American Code Talkers during World War II,” said Rep. Bob Thorpe.

“Through the use of a unique cypher and dictionary of signals devised from their complex and unwritten native language, the Navajo Code Talkers were able to transmit vital information about troop movements and field operations over radio and telephone,” explained Thorpe. “Their code was never deciphered by the Japanese, who were regarded as master code breakers.”

“Our Code Talkers successfully delivered over 800 coded messages, which provided powerful and invaluable assistance to the war effort, accelerating the Allied defeat of Japan in the Pacific and saving many American and Allied lives,” continued Thorpe. “Arizona is proud and deeply grateful for the service and sacrifices of our Navajo soldiers, and that of their families. They are American heroes in the truest sense.”


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