California Electricity Blackouts – A Result of Political Correctness

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During August, 2020, California suffered many electricity blackouts because their solar and wind generation could not generate electricity when it was needed.

Steve Goreham reports:

When high temperatures caused customer demand to exceed the power available, California electrical utilities used rotating outages to force a reduction in demand. The California grid is the worst in the nation, with green energy policies pursued by the state likely furthering reduced grid reliability.

Pacific Gas and Electric, California’s biggest utility, began shutting off power in rolling outages to force a reduction in demand. Southern California Edison also denied power to homes. Shutoffs impacted a rotating group of up to two million customers.

For more than a decade, California has been closing coal and nuclear power plants. Recently, the state also began closing natural gas-fired plants as part of a continuing effort to fight global warming. California nuclear plants, though not emitters of greenhouse gases, are also being phased out. (Read more)

These rolling blackouts are entirely the result of dumb political decisions, which adhere to the fantasy that cheap, efficient, and reliable fossil fuel energy (and also nuclear) can be replaced by wind and solar. There is no physical evidence that the carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel use have a significant effect on global warming (see below).

Gov. Gavin Newsom is finally admitting the truth about the failure of green energy to deliver actual energy when it’s needed. (Read more)

“Green” energy is driven by two closely related things: 1) politics, and 2) enormous quantities of money being made by politically-connected wind and solar entrepreneurs.

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There is another problem: H. Sterling Burnett shows that states which switch to renewable power suffer higher electricity costs and lagging economic growth. (Read more)

See also: The Fortuitous Link Between CO2 Emissions and Economic Growth. This video segment discusses the proven fundamental link between CO2 emissions and economic growth. As countries have embraced and increased their production of fossil energy, their citizens have been amply rewarded with increased economic development and prosperity.

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