Latinos For Trump Rally And Ready For Phoenix Roundtable

Families gather gear on Saturday to prepare for President Trump's visit to Phoenix on Monday. [Photo via Twitter]

PHOENIX – Support for President Donald Trump appears to be growing and on Saturday, Latinos For Trump met in Phoenix ahead of the President’s visit to discuss just why that might be the case.

On Monday, Latinos for Trump will host a roundtable with the President. Participants hope to share their inspiring success stories and the concerns they have for their community.

Executive Director of Latinos for Trump, Sandra Benitez, enthusiastically opened Saturday’s event. Benitez rallied the large crowd and encouraged them to get engaged. For her part, Benitez has been knocking on doors in largely Hispanic neighborhoods sharing information about what she believes the president has done for them.

“Nobody’s knocking on doors for Joe Biden,” said Benitez. “Joe Biden has failed our community in the 47 years he’s been in office, so we need to get the word out there for the president. I brought my sneakers and after this I’m going to go knock on doors.”

Advisory Board Member Sergio Arellano talked about what he considers to be a “baseless narrative,” which is that “Latinos are only concerned with laws affecting immigration.” Arellano says that is the narrow view of Latinos generally held by democrats, “who are the real bigots.”

Arellano says that Latinos are actually focused on their jobs and their kid’s educations. “For far too long the Latino community has suffered because we have been forced into non-performing schools. We had no other choice,” Arellano said. “President Trump has made it clear that school choice is not a privilege, but a right for all of us. He has shown his commitment to ensuring equal access to good schools for all.”

National Border Council Vice President Art Del Cueto discussed a number of topics including the mainstream media, our Second Amendment rights, and our nation’s borders. Del Cueto told the crowd that he was addressing them in English because when he spoke in Spanish at an event in Yuma, the Latino news outlets did not quote him because it did not fit their narrative.

“You’re not going to convince people on the far left just like you won’t convince people on the far right, but there are a lot of people in the middle watching Latino news outlets and that’s how they’re getting the information. There’s people on Facebook who only read the headlines and that’s how they get their news,” Del Cueto said.

According to Del Cueto, news outlets have an agenda and for Latinos it has been that Trump is racist. Del Cueto believes that if more people understood the facts they could break from this narrative.

“Hispanic poverty rates are record low under President Trump and employment rates are record highs. The household income for Latino families are record highs. Now there’s somebody else running for office who has been there for over 40 years. He was a Vice President for 8 years, but now he figured it out and he has the answers. I don’t know what he was doing during the other years, but now he figured it out,” Del Cueto said.

He reminded everyone that in 2014, thousands of unaccompanied juveniles from Central America were put in cages under the Obama Administration and Joe Biden. They were held in temporary holding cells because they had nowhere else to go and “that’s the reality of an open border,” Del Cueto said. The agency took 5 days before they allowed the media to go in and report on it.

He asked the audience if they locked their car doors when they went shopping, or their front doors at night and whether we should we treat our borders any differently. It’s a deterrent and a safety measure. “I don’t lock my doors because I hate the people outside, I lock my doors at night because I love the people inside and I feel the exact same way about our nation’s borders. We have other politicians who want to open the borders and a president who believes in the rule of law.”