Letter To The Editor: Pima Board Member Shows “Alarming Prejudice”

The PCC Board of Governors deserves careful and constant scrutiny. At the last meeting (9/9/20), Board Chair Demion Clinco, accompanied by a couple of his colleagues and Chancellor Lambert, exhibited alarming prejudice and disparagement of the Board’s only two minority members.

In short, in what some may view as subtly demeaning, Clinco referred to Board Member Hay as Dr. Hay and Board Member Hanna as Mr. Hanna, while referring to the only Latina as “MARIA” and the only Native American as “LUIS”. Decorum would suggest that Board Member Garcia should have been referred to as Ms. Garcia and Board Member Gonzales should have been referred to as Mr. Gonzales! What’s more, Dr. Hay attacked Board Member Maria Garcia for exercising her statutory obligation to ask questions of the Chancellor. Aren’t all Board Members equal and duly elected to serve their constituents? I think some sensitivity training would well serve the Board Members and the Chancellor. I also believe it would be worthwhile for all Board Members to learn about and exercise their statutory responsibilities.

Barbara Benjamin, ret. Prof.

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