McSally, Ginsburg Admired For Determination, Tenacity

Sen. Martha McSally served in the U.S. Air Force as an A-10 pilot. [Photo via Facebook]

Even those of us who did not agree with the decisions of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, can admire the determination and tenacity it took for her, as a woman to reach the level of success she achieved. I so admire those same qualities in Senator Martha McSally. Senator McSally was told that as a woman, she could not be a fighter pilot. That made her even more determined to reach her goal, flying over 325 combat hours. That same determination is at work for the people of Arizona.

Unlike Mark Kelly, Senator McSally is fighting to cut taxes for the middle class, create new jobs, and is advocating for an affordable health care plan without handing Washington control. Mark Kelly would be a disaster for Arizona. He supports radical Chuck Schumer, supports a government takeover of healthcare, and will vote for the largest tax increase in American history. His company also wasted $15 million taxpayer dollars. Vote to retain Senator Martha McSally!

Cinda Miller
Gilbert, AZ

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