Independent Voters Play A Key Role In Choosing Winner In Arizona District 2

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, D-Tucson, in a 2016 file photo. (Photo by Gage Skidmore/Creative Commons)

The election in November is the most critical in our lifetime, the stakes are high. We are being inundation with TV commercials, radio ads, mailers, bumper stickers, campaign signs, and more. Perhaps people have knocked on your doors, canvassing your opinions trying to sway your vote. Like no other election before, this one seems to be a clear divide. Do you want Freedom or do you want Socialism? It is important to elect a Representative who will represent your values. Arizona Congressional District 2 is comprised of roughly one third Republicans, one third Democrats, and one third Independents. Given the division in the traditional party lines, without a doubt, the Independent voters will decide this race.

Independent voters can choose between their current Democrat congresswoman is Ann Kirkpatrick or her opponent Republican Brandon Martin. There are several factors to consider when determining the best candidate for this race. Let’s start with your current representative Ann Kirkpatrick. Do you feel she is doing a good job representing you? She has missed over 100 votes in the congress including 6 weeks where she was being treated for alcohol addiction. In essence, she has muted our voices from southern Arizona. Because of her extensive absences, she has earned the dishonorable distinction as being the number one most absent member of the Arizona delegation. Put differently, ninety-five percent of everyone serving in Congress has better attendance. A Congress person makes roughly $174,000 per year and a big part of the job is representing people in forming legislative policies and bringing them forward to vote. What would happen to YOU if you missed that much work? Do you think your boss would give you a pass? Or would you get fired?

Even members of her own political party and various media outlets have had troubling things to say about Kirkpatrick:

  • reported, “It is clear that Ann will say anything, anytime, anywhere, and to anyone if it will advance her political career,” Heinz campaign manager Brian Robinson said in a statement. “Southern Arizona deserves better.”
  • “Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick acknowledged Monday she was circulating petitions for her congressional bid last year and earlier this year which bore a Tucson address where she did not live at the time”, Arizona Capitol Times reported.
  • Kirkpatrick’s residency has been called into question, not only because she has had conflicts to her argument for where she lives and address on her nomination form. reported – “For example, Weatherwax pointed out that Kirkpatrick was still writing checks with her Flagstaff address on them long after she said she moved to Tucson.”’

Clearly Ann Kirkpatrick is conflicted on where she lives and where her loyalties reside. Is she interested in serving the people of Southern Arizona or is she interested in collecting a paycheck?

Conversely, Brandon Martin has served our nation and is listening to what the people of Southern Arizona have to say, and is ready to go to work. He is an Army veteran who first volunteered to serve our country after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Brandon served 11 years as intelligence professional, with a tour in Afghanistan. We all know it would be great to have more intelligence in Washington, DC. Brandon is a father and wants to leave this Country better off for his daughter. He will bring manufacturing back from China and attract good paying jobs back to Arizona. Whereas, Ann Kirkpatrick allows businesses to ship jobs overseas and has repeatedly sponsored and voted for job killing taxes and red tape.

Another major difference between Brandon and Ann Kirkpatrick is their views on the COVID recovery. Brandon supports a reliable, accurate, data and science-driven reopening of the country to get kids back to school and people back to work. Ann Kirkpatrick skipped a vote on a bill that provided $600 a week extra in benefits to help get unemployed Arizona families back on their feet.

I first met him in his 2016 campaign and was impressed with him right from the start; however, Brandon impresses me more every year. I’ve seen him patiently listen and show concern for the citizens he plans to serve. Brandon has also traveled throughout the district. He has been to Douglas, Wilcox, Benson, Tombstone, Sahuarita, Green Valley, Vail, Tucson, and Sierra Vista to hear from as many citizens as possible. He always says he will be our shield in Washington, and I believe he will.

This video tells a powerful story of loss and draws out important distinctions between our choices for US Congress in District 2.

The election for our US Congressional Representative will be decided by the Independent voters of Pima county, and Brandon Martin has earned the honor to represent everyone in Arizona Congressional District 2.

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