Blackman Turns To County Recorders To Discuss 2020 General Election, Possible Reforms

Rep. Walter Blackman (R-06), the first ever African-American Republican to be elected to the Arizona State House, addresses AZGOP members.

Phoenix – Arizona State LD6 State Representative Walt Blackman has called for a stakeholder meeting with all of Arizona’s 15 county recorders to discuss the voting and vote tabulation process. Arizona has become the focus of a number of lawsuits involving the 2020 General Election.

Cochise County Recorder David Stevens has agreed to help Blackman investigate any voter inconsistencies that may have arisen before and after the November 3rd election in each county.

The meeting with all 15 Arizona county recorders is scheduled to take place next week.

“It is clear that there are issues with the current voting system in several counties across our state,” said Blackman in his announcement of the meeting. “I have received reports from countless citizens across Arizona who received a ballot for both Arizona and another state, reports that non-citizens in the United States on visas received mail in ballots, and reports of relatives who died before the November 2020 Election who mysteriously voted, complete with their “signatures” despite not mailing in a ballot.

“There are just too many reports of possible voter fraud for us to ignore,” explained Blackman. “If we, as the leadership of our state, sit by and do nothing, our citizens will not only lose their faith in the voting system, but their trust in us, their elected representatives and leaders. It’s important that Arizonans have trust in the voting system and that they know their voice is heard.”

Blackman and others believe that the 2020 cycle showed a “clear need” for an overhaul of our voting system. As a result, Blackman plans to introduce legislation to address the deficiencies in some of the counties.

“Before we introduce legislation to fix our voting issues, it’s important that we meet with our county recorders to learn not only what went wrong, but what went right. Submitting legislation without getting the subject matter experts involved and using media outlets as your sources is irresponsible. It is important that we include county recorders in the process” concluded Blackman. “I have asked Cochise County Recorder David Stevens to help me lead this stakeholders meeting and help draft good legislation that is sensible and restores Arizonans faith in the system.”

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