Qtis Information Tracking Technology Now Helping Political Candidates

Zinatt Technologies’ information tracking technology, which was initially developed to track criminal investigations, and recently made available to COVID-19 researchers, is now helping political candidates

Zinatt’s computer application, Qtis (Quick Tracking Information System), can be used to help political campaigns and political organizations analyze voter data and organize and measure the reach of their volunteers.

“The flexibility we built into Qtis is our largest strength – to be able to customize a computer system for a customer with virtually no programming required allows Qtis to adapt to your business quickly and affordably,” said Zinatt CEO Gabriel Reina.

Qtis was originally designed to be used for law enforcement investigations, but it is being adapted for use by private investigators and several other non-law enforcement uses, including politics.

Former candidate for Pima County Board of Supervisors for District 4, John Backer, is also the Director of Business Development and Client Success for Zinatt. Based on the needs of his campaign, Backer developed the use case for using Qtis for political campaigns while he was running for office himself.

“Prior to using Qtis to manage my campaign, I was using large spreadsheets of information to organize my campaign efforts,” explained Backer. “Qtis provides a much easier, quicker way to accomplish the same analysis and provides significant additional capabilities which I did not have without Qtis.”

With all the discussion of voter fraud around the country, Backer was asked if Qtis might be able to help with finding voter fraud. Backer responded, “Absolutely! If you have access to the data, Qtis can help you analyze and explore the information to help investigate potential voter fraud.”

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