Comments On Tucson City Council’s Plan On Recycling Glass

According to an article in the Arizona Daily Star, a new plan by the Tucson City Council mandates that “glass will no longer be accepted in residential and commercial blue bins, but will instead be collected at 22 drop-off sites around the city.”  The City claims that this “glass reuse plan …will reduce the city’s environmental footprint.”

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I predict that most residents will not bother to visit these drop-off sites, but instead just put the glass in their trash containers rather than the recycling containers. After all, all those extra trips to the collection sites may increase the city’s “environmental footprint.”

Under the new plan, “glass will be processed through an industrial glass crusher, a machine capable of turning glass into dust in seconds. The ‘glass sand’ will then be used locally to fill sandbags or as an aggregate for construction projects.”

Question: since under the current recycling system, glass is already being separated from other recyclables, why can’t this be sent to the new crusher? Why do we need drop-off sites?

Alternatively, instead of having all residents driving to the drop-off sites, why not have a third container at each residence and business that is just for glass, perhaps to be collected once a month by the City?

This new plan is part of the City’s “Climate Action Resolution,” that essentially calls for carbon neutrality by 2030 and basically zero waste by 2050.

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