AZ Democrats Vote Biden, Republicans Join PA, GA, NV In Casting Electoral College Votes For Trump

Despite current litigation, Arizona’s 11 Democrat electors cast their votes Monday for Vice President Joe Biden. Arizona’s Republican electors joined their counterparts in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nevada in casting their procedural votes for President Donald Trump.

The Republican’s move is based on the 1960 presidential election in which President Nixon was declared the winner in Hawaii. While Democrat legal challenges were pending, the Democrat presidential electors met to cast a conditional vote for John F. Kennedy to preserve their intent in the event of future favorable legal outcomes.

Arizona’s Republican National Committeeman Tyler Bowyer said he was “proud” to cast his vote as Republican Elector for Arizona for Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. The results have been transmitted to proper parties for consideration by Congress on January 6th and litigation and investigation into the election continues.”

Secretary of State Katie Hobbs dismissed the alternate vote and made it known in a tweet: “The election meeting that mattered today: Arizona’s Presidential Electors met to cast Arizona’s eleven electoral votes for @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris.

“Today, I am honored to serve with ten extraordinary Democratic and community leaders to cast our Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris,” said Arizona Democratic Party Chair Felecia Rotellini in a press release. “The gravity and historic importance of this vote is immeasurable. We come together representing the diverse character and cultures of Arizona. We cast our votes, not only as representatives of our respective communities but also as Arizonans representing everyone who calls this great state home.”

At the same time as electors cast their votes, Arizona State Sen. Eddie Farnsworth chaired a Judiciary Hearing after which he announced his intention to issue subpoenas of Maricopa County ballots, Dominion software and equipment.

It is the Maricopa County ballots, Dominion software and equipment that form the basis of the legal actions currently pending resolution. Critics and plaintiffs in the lawsuits claim a lack of security, and irregularities with the final tabulations indicate the Maricopa County vote could have and was compromised.

Those legal challenges prompted over 20 members of the Arizona Legislature to sign a resolution alleging that the “election was marred by irregularities so significant as to render it highly doubtful whether the certified results accurately represent the will of the voters..”

The resolution calls for “the alternate 11 electoral votes be accepted for to Donald J. Trump or to have all electoral votes nullified completely until a full forensic audit can be conducted. Be it further resolved that the United States Congress is not to consider a slate of electors from the State of Arizona until the Legislature deems the election to be final and all irregularities resolved.”

“I am grateful to my colleagues for showing bold leadership and supporting an alternate slate of electors,” said Rep. Kelly Townsend. “We have every right to communicate to Congress that the election is still in dispute.”

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