Márquez Peterson Moves To Edge Out Conservative Corporation Commissioners

GOP "establishment" favorites Shay Stautz and Commissioner Lea Márquez Peterson, who was appointed to the Arizona Corporation Commission after losing her bid for the CD2 seat.

Newly elected Arizona Corporation Commissioner Lea Marquez Peterson has wasted no time in betraying the Republicans that helped her get elected. On Monday Marquez, an incumbent by virtue of having been appointed by Governor Ducey in 2019, was appointed chairman of the Commission by a 3-2 vote.

Márquez Peterson joined the two Democrat commissioners, Sandra Kennedy and Anna Tovar to elect herself instead of remaining with the two Republican commissioners (Olson and newly elected Jim O’Connor) and giving conservatives greater control of the Commission.

Márquez Peterson’s move against her Republican seat mates comes just months after the Republican Party worked hard to elect her to office, after her appointment by Governor Doug Ducey. The conservative Commissioner Justin Olson, who has served on the Commission longer and was expected to inherit the spot being vacated by the retirement of Commission Chairman Bob Burns, surprised Republicans.

Márquez Peterson has sided with Democrats previously on “green energy” policies, insisting that “Arizona must move to 100% clean energy and stamp out carbon no later than 2050.”