Conservative Challenger To Kelli Ward Steps Up

Sergio Arellano poses (in background) with his four children at President Trump’s Latino Roundtable event in Phoenix, Arizona.

Longtime Republican operative and combat veteran Sergio Arellano has announced he is running for Arizona GOP Chairman. The current GOP Chairman is Kelli Ward, who has served since 2019, and who has also announced that she will be seeking re-election at next weekend’s GOP State Meeting.

Chairman Ward has recently come under scrutiny for her efforts, or lack thereof, regarding the claims of election fraud from this past November election, and what the Party or should have done in advance of election day.

Sergio Arellano poses with President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence on one of their visit to Arizona. Arellano jumped in the AZGOP races in part because he and many others believe that current AZGOP Chair Kelli Ward did too little too late for the Trump team.

Arellano has served on the Continental School Board, worked for the Republican National Committee in Arizona, worked for the AZ GOP, been a media surrogate for the Trump for President campaign, been Chairman of Legislative District 2 Republicans, and he was a candidate for Arizona Congressional District 3 in 2018. 

In 2015, he helped lead the successful fight for election integrity in Santa Cruz County by creating its first ever Election integrity committee and having won its lawsuit with 8 out of 10 counts in favor of the group. “It’s all for the pursuit of transparent and verifiable elections,” said Arellano after the judge’s ruling. Arellano also led the fight against ballot harvesting, testifying in the Arizona Senate and raising awareness as to the way elderly and minority communities were being taken advantage of and forcefully coerced to hand over their ballots by democrat operatives.

Arellano is a veteran, small-business owner and a lifelong Republican. In his press release Arellano stated the foundation of his vision, “Arizona is an increasingly diverse state, but we still have a strong independent right-of-center electorate that is ready to support conservative candidates who will fight for liberty and our constitutional rights”.

He has stayed active in the political community as President and CEO of Tipping Point LLC, a political consulting firm, and is currently serving as a surrogate for Spanish and International media for the Republican National Committee, the Arizona GOP, and the Trump for President campaign.

Damien Kennedy, former chairman of Legislative District 2 Republicans and 2014 Arizona Congressional District 3 candidate said this of Arellano, “His leadership is what keeps me active and engaged. He is a model of perseverance.”

“Politics is about math. The Arizona Republican Party needs a dedicated Chair that will concentrate all elements and all efforts of the party on building a team that wins. Sergio Arellano is that individual. He has a record of building winning teams. As the Legislative District 2 Chair in Southern Arizona, he helped flip a 3 to 1 Democrat district to Republican. He played a strong leadership role as Vice Chair in building a Pima County Republican Party team that helped flip a 30 -plus year Democrat to Republican for Sheriff.  He has been recognized as a grassroots leader that stays focused on the winning goal at the local, state and national level. I am happy to endorse Sergio Arellano for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party” stated Bill Beard, former Pima County Republican Chairman and 2020 Board of Supervisors District 1 candidate.

“I’m excited to add my endorsement to all the others being offered on behalf of Sergio Arellano for AZ GOP Chairman.” John Backer, 2020 Board of Supervisors District 4 candidate, vice chairman of the Town of Sahuarita Planning and Zoning Commission and former Legislative District 2 third vice chair, stating, “I’m confident that Sergio will absolutely support and defend the Constitution while serving as AZ GOP Chair. Sergio has been a very visible, vocal support of conservative values – having recently served on the Trump Campaign National Hispanic outreach committee, appearing on FoxNews, and a number of additional TV and radio interviews over the years. In fact, Sergio played a huge role in moving me in 2016 from a lifelong Republican voter to a candidate for public office twice, a precinct committeeman, and a state committeeman. Sergio’s willingness to listen, his passion for conservative values, and his incredible drive would serve everyone well in the AZ GOP. Please join me in supporting Sergio Arellano for AZ GOP Chairman.”

Arellano states in his press release, “In the short time that I have been a candidate for office I have heard from Republican donors, grassroots activists, and leaders from all over Arizona who want to help move our party forward – they want a winning team”.

He also states that “Together, we will build a strong party that can dominate and win statewide”. Believing he is the man to get the job done and to bring Republicans together.