ADOT Warns Travelers Of Heavy Snow Forecast, Advises Delay Of Travel

If you can’t see the plow driver, there’s a good chance the driver can’t see you

PHOENIX – Arizona travelers are being warned about a pair of storms that are expected to move through high country this weekend and early next week. The Arizona Department of Transportation is calling on drivers to consider delaying all but essential travel before heading north.

The Department is issuing the advisory due to the fact that lighter travel allows snowplows to clear the highways more quickly.

If you cannot delay travel the Department is suggesting that you leave prepared with the expectation of spending extended time on the road.

The Department is reminding travelers to “slow down, leave extra room behind the vehicle ahead of you, and pack an emergency kit containing a fully charged cell phone, warm clothing, blankets, food and water, medications and sand or kitty litter in case you get stuck in the snow.”

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