Blackman Introduces Equal Opportunity To Life Act

Rep. Walt Blackman was greeted on Friday by an adoptive mother and the son she spared from an abortion. [Photo courtesy Rep. Walt Blackman]

PHOENIX – On Friday, Arizona State Representative Walt Blackman introduced the Equal Opportunity to Life Act before a crowd of over 2000 pro-life supporters. Blackman’s bill, HB 2650, would outlaw abortion in Arizona.

“Human life begins at conception,” said Blackman. “This is no longer a matter of debate. The science is settled and widely acknowledged by all sides.

“The question now is whether Americans, regardless of age, size or abilities, will be afforded an equal opportunity to enjoy the inalienable right to life,” Blackman said.

Under Arizona Revised Code 13-3603, 13-3604, and 13-3605, current state law already recognizes that it is a crime to intentionally kill an unborn child, or to solicit or provide services to kill an unborn child.

The Equal Opportunity to Life bill was drafted and is strongly supported by Action for Life, a national pro-life organization dedicated to ending abortion.

“Arizona law already acknowledges that abortion is a crime, that it is murder,” said Action for Life President Dennis Sarfate. “The next step is to provide equal protection for human life. Law enforcement are left without clear direction in a murky legal situation.”

Pastor Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church, and their church ministry, End Abortion Now, is strongly supporting the Equal Opportunity to Life Act.

“Our nationwide coalition of over 500 churches with End Abortion Now is actively engaged in providing help and support for mothers who choose not to kill their children. We praise God for these mothers,” said Durbin.

“Now, our allies at Action for Life are working to end the evil of abortion,” Durbin continued.

“There are twelve other states considering or close to considering legislation very similar to the Equal Opportunity to Life Act,” said Rep. Blackman. “These include Indiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Idaho, South Carolina, Kansas, Missouri, North Dakota, and Alaska, to name a few. And there are another 13 that are starting to move that direction.”

The Equal Opportunity to Life bill was introduced as HB 2650 in the Arizona State House on January 21st and has already garnered eight co-sponsors.

The bill also drew critics.

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