Republicans Stay On Same Shaky Course, Democrats Make Hard Left In Party Chair Elections

Arizona Rep. Raquel Teran | Dr. Kelli Ward

On Saturday the Democratic and Republican parties held their annual statutory meeting to elect leadership.

Teran defeated Sarah Tyree 524-127. Ward narrowly defeated Army combat veteran Sergio Arellano by a 42 votes on second round of voting. The “McCain Machine” candidate, Bob Lettieri, was knocked out of the race in the first round of voting.

Both parties experienced rancor during their meetings. Democrats seemed most upset when they argued about the existence of systemic racism.

The Republican meeting was interrupted by an unhinged failed candidate, Daniel McCarthy, who convinced a supporter to run for office from the floor, then yield her time to him so he could call for the end of the GOP itself.

Teran represents another shift left from the outgoing Democratic Chairwoman, as Arizona’s Democratic Party follows the national party’s merge with an unapologetically socialist agenda. In the meantime, Trump devotee Ward barely hung on in spite of a personal phone call recording from the former President himself. Party activists seemed to want to stay the course from an ideological standpoint, as all of the GOP chairman candidates were Trump supporters, but Ward being forced to a second ballot was viewed as a reflection of her own shortcomings as Chairman and her inability to articulate a consistent Republican message.

The Arizona Republican Party also voted to censure Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, Cindy McCain, and former Sen. Jeff Flake.

At the same time, both Reps. Andy Biggs and Pau Gosar received standing ovations.

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