Letter To The Editor: Most Americans Want To Roll Back Qualified Immunity– So Do I

Arizona Department of Public Safety badge [Photo courtesy AZDPS]

In a democracy, our elected representatives are supposed to pass policies that programs that we the people support. Just like we support strengthening our social security system, protecting small businesses, and providing job opportunities in tough times, a majority of Americans also support ending qualified immunity. This is a common sense police accountability reform that makes sense for those across our diverse ideological spectrum.

Recent surveys have shown that about two thirds of Americans support allowing civilians to sue bad cops for excessive force and other misconduct without special liability protections. If we cannot pass a simple police reform like ending qualified immunity, how can we ever expect our voices to be heard? The House has already passed bills that could end qualified immunity tomorrow. We need to come together and demand that our elected representatives pass legislation we actually care about and overwhelmingly support– including ending qualified immunity.

Constance Slaten
Prescott Valley