AZ Republican Party Chairman Again Floats New Alternative Party

Less than two months after she was forced to remove an embarrassing public Twitter poll asking if the Republican Party was worth saving, AZGOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward was at it again, touting a poll that showed that a majority of Trump voters would follow Trump to a new Party if he formed one.

“I honestly have no idea how she is still making the same dumb mistakes year after year after year without learning anything.” said one GOP politico, adding “Doesn’t she have anyone around her who can explain to her the damage she is doing to the party she is supposed to be leading?”

One Republican legislator agreed, tweeting:

State Senator TJ Shope’s reaction appeared to be shared by a number of Twitter users:

Although the largest group of positive comments to Ward’s original tweet seemed to come from Democrats urging Ward to follow through and actually split or leave the GOP to form new Trump Party:

“The real problem is that Ward doesn’t care about the Republican Party, she only cares about herself, and she sees Trump as the best way to further her own interests, so she’ll throw the whole Party in the trash if it binds her closer to Trump,” said one State Committeeman who supported Ward in the past, but has ruled out supporting her for any office in the future.

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