Border Crisis? What Border Crisis?

A decrepit barbed wire fence serves as the wall along the U.S. Mexico border running along the Chilton ranch southern boundary. [Photo by Jonathan DuHamel]

That is the current response by the new leadership in Washington and their willing accomplices in the media and elsewhere.

To casual observers, what is happening at the border is a simple case of our president and both senators simply taking advantage of a humanitarian situation to perpetuate the imposition of unwarranted control, in accordance with Rahm Emanuel’s approach to governance.

But a deeper look into this matter creates a situation among some of us similar to that of peeling an onion. The more layers we remove, the more tears we shed, but in this case, it is the result of watching unscrupulous politicians systematically destroy our beloved country.

Make no mistake about it. The current border crisis did not just happen. It is the result of a policy that was carefully planned in advance and was skillfully executed within hours of the socialist takeover of our federal government. It is another brick in the wall of government overreach, just like the slaying of our oil industry via the killing of the Keystone pipeline and the freeze on new oil exploration.

How bad is it? If we believe the March 4, 2021 issue of Human Events, it is this bad:

“According to former Obama administration officials, the standard number for a border crisis was 1,000 crossings a day. 

Ironically enough, the individuals that set that standard were none other than Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas, then deputy secretary of Homeland Security. 

When Trump left office, the U.S. was deporting more people than were coming into the country illegally, the Daily Signal reports. But, under Biden, the number of people illegally coming into the country is more than 6,000 per day. 

That is six times more than the level set by Obama’s team to signify a crisis.”

We agree with the Biden administration that this is not a crisis. It is a disaster, way past the crisis stage. But “migrant” numbers alone do not tell the whole story. True, under normal circumstances 6,000 illegals a day would be a disaster, but we have two reasons why this level of invasion is exponentially more disastrous.

First, we have the employment situation. The Trump economy gave us pre-COVID unemployment rates of 4.4% nationally and 5.0% in Arizona. As of the last report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the current unemployment rates are national 6.2% and Arizona 6.7%. But it is worse than that. In Arizona, we currently have over one quarter million unemployed workers. If it would have been disastrous to try to absorb 6,000 illegals per day under Trump’s humming economy, imagine trying to do so under Biden’s stagnant, faltering economy. Why a duly elected representative of the people creates such a disastrous open border policy is beyond comprehension.

The second issue has to do with public health. For over a year now, the so-called health experts, eager politicians and willing accomplices in the news media have been harping on the doomsday character of COVID. This campaign has been so successful that now nearly 10% of people driving around alone in their cars are wearing masks. Distancing, masks, and temperature checks are commonplace everywhere. But not at the southern border. How many of those crossing our southern border are infected with the worst virus the world has ever known is anyone’s guess. Estimates run as high as 25%, but no body knows for sure. However, even if everyone of these “migrants” is free of COVID, they are still riddled with a myriad of health issues as a result of dismal medical and sanitary conditions during their trek to our border. This tends to overwhelm our healthcare providers who are, if we believe what we are being told, stressed to the limit because of the COVID crisis.

Faced with all this, we may be tempted to give up and accept our condition as inevitable. But if we did that, we would be wrong, because there is a ridiculously simple solution. All our federal leadership has to do is reverse the ill-advised current policy of open borders, no more fence, and free benefits for all.

That reversal is not likely to be forthcoming from Biden, since he created the problem in the first place. But how about our two Democrat senators?

Kelly spoke, admitting that we have a crisis, and suggested that we should put more resources into “managing” the situation. But it was all talk, without the introduction of any specific measure that would address the problem.

Sinema has done even less. If she is doing or saying anything about this current crisis, it is the best kept secret in the world.

The fact is that there is no solution as long as we have the current gang in charge. A partial solution may come in 2022 if enough voters wake up and reverse both chambers of congress back to Republicans. Not just any Republicans, but Republicans with pelotas to stand up to Biden.

The full solution will have to wait until 2024. Hopefully it will not be too late. The damage caused by socialist Biden may be irreparable, but we can always hope. In that sense, we can get some inspiration by looking at history. After all, Carter gave Reagan and Obama gave us Trump.