Methods Behind The Madness Of Critical Race Theory Proponents Are Insidious, Get To Know Them

The average person, or even the most industrious individual, will not feel compelled to fix a system that is not broken. It is with that truth in mind, that Critical Race Theory proponents have waged a war to convince the American people that our country is broken and suffering from systemic racism and only through complete transformation can we survive.

The methods behind the madness of Critical Race Theory (CRT) proponents are insidious and wholly unethical. All the more reason to familiarize yourself with them, so you can detect them and engage with them to stop it.

Too many of today’s classrooms are home to political opportunists and ideological predators who seek to dismantle our system of government, economic institutions, and the family foundation.

Radical and naïve educators adopt the method of “problematizing” our youth in order to convince them that there is a fundamental problem with our society and they are part of it. Once their young targets are convinced of the authenticity of their new “problems,” they are introduced to non-merit-based concepts like “equity” and “fairness,” which are taught as solutions, setting aside actual solutions like “equality” and “justice.” In this way, CRT educators work to ripen their students for political action.

In other words, it is only through angst, that children and young adults are motivated to engage with the political opportunists and predators in their classrooms and go about the business of dismantling the system and the idealism instilled in it of a colorblind merit-based society.

In some cases – too many cases – victim children are going so far as to damage and even dismantle their own families with the weapons of “Woke Culture.”

In Arizona, leaders long ago decided that a basic understanding of civics was essential. In their limited wisdom, those leaders did not support an introduction of partisanship into our classrooms. Instead, civics education merely involved explaining our system of government to K-12 students and leaving it up them to them to decide what to do – if anything – with that knowledge.

This hands-off approach is not compatible with CRT. In fact, CRT requires students to not only condemn the world in which they find themselves but destroy anyone who does not admit and repent that they are racists who support an inherently racist capitalist system.

CRT also demands that students refrain from looking critically at what is being served up in the classroom. Just this week, video of a college instructor shutting down a young college student who dared to defend police officers went viral. The student’s mainstream view of police as necessary and sometimes good was intolerable to his CRT-addled instructor. Although the public exposure earned the instructor a well-deserved reprimand, similar scenes are playing out all too often in our classrooms without such appropriate consequences for the instructors, as students are taught not to question authority unless it is the “wrong” authority.

None of what we are watching unfolding in districts across the country is surprising. At least it shouldn’t be. Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire continues to be the most frequently assigned reading for students in teachers’ colleges in the country. The governor-appointed members of the Board of Regents have failed to review and reassess the direction of the Colleges of Education to ensure that they churn out educators and not indoctrinators. That is not surprising either, since the Regents and presidents of our state universities appear to care little about the value of their product, as evidenced by the proliferation of CRT-based Grievance Studies degrees.  The State Board of Education is equally AWOL on this issue.

With too many of our leaders either weak, greedy, or guilty of being in on this hostile takeover, it is only our school board members, parents, and community members who can protect students from political opportunists and predators. Only those individuals, who can say with confidence that they are not – and teach that this country is not – racist, will stop the woke mobs from intellectually molesting our children as part of their effort to transform our nation into a place where everyone is promised equality – measured in terms of limited opportunities, stifled freedoms, and a surrender of the American exceptionalism that has allowed our melting pot to grow and thrive for over 200 years.