Flagstaff Mayor Declares Drag Queen Story Hour Will Go On As City Floods

Flagstaff City-Coconino County Public Library staff welcomed the public to watch "a fabulous storytime with Drag Queen Revel Lucien." [Screenshot from Flagstaff City-Coconino County Public Library YouTube]

As residents of his community shared videos on social media of cars floating away in the wake of massive flooding, Flagstaff Mayor Paul Deasy was busy reassuring them that “Drag Queen Story Hour at the library will continue.”

City of Flagstaff staff captured an aerial view of the Museum Fire monsoon flooding that swept vehicles away last week.

Later in the day, the Mayor got around to warning residents to “SHELTER IN PLACE. SEEK HIGH GROUND NOW FROM FLOODING…”

“Unfortunately, many government officials, like Flagstaff Mayor Deasy – and Coral Evans before him – feel that their elected positions have little to due with representing and serving the public’s best interest, but instead they see it as a license to let their liberal agendas run amuck. Shockingly, last week Deasy chose to prioritize ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ while ignoring the Museum fire monsoon flooding. This current emergency is reminiscent of the flooding, destruction and death of an innocent 12 year old girl that occurred after the Shultz Fire. The military would call Deasy’s actions – or inactions – a ‘dereliction of duty.’ Mayor Deasy, do the job the citizens expect of you. Instead, you’ve ramrodded Flagstaff’s expensive New Green Deal without public debate, restricted property owner’s rights in violation of Arizona State law and have not improved our roads to handle the increased traffic loads caused by the many hideous student housing projects. Please understand that your duties do not include subjecting Flagstaff citizens to your personal liberal agenda,” said Flagstaff resident, Bob Thorpe, who represented LD6 and Northern Arizona in the State House from 2013 to 2021.

For some residents, it wasn’t so much that the Mayor was protecting Drag Queen Story Hour that was disconcerting so much as it was his decision to compare drag queens of today to the founding fathers.

“If you have a problem with grown men putting on wigs, heels, makeup, and stockings, I have bad news for you about the founding fathers,” tweeted Deasy.

Although he did receive many positive responses, Twitter followers from the area were unimpressed to say the least.

“Your city is flooded and you’re worrying about social justice. Nero playing his harp as the city burns,” responded one resident.

“The difference is, that was the fashion back then and they didn’t do it in the attempt to appear as a woman. They did so in an approved fashion for MEN. Nice try, but your attempted comparison falls kinda flat,” responded another resident.

“Founding fathers weren’t twerking in the streets. They wore the fashion of the time. Not try to look like women,” wrote another.

The following day, Mayor Deasy and Coconino County Chair of the Board of Supervisors Matt Ryan declared States of Emergency “on behalf of the city of Flagstaff and Coconino County due to the impacts of monsoonal flooding to the Museum Flood Area and other parts of Flagstaff, which started July 13, 2021.”

“That’s the problem with electing activists to positions of leadership based on their being able to check left-wing boxes instead of actual leadership capabilities.” said one disgruntled voter, “When voters decide they’d rather have a social justice warrior instead of a Mayor, they get a social justice warrior for a Mayor, and Drag Queen Story Hour matters more than public safety.”

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