Hundreds Of Brophy Prep Parents, Supporters Question Vaccine Mandate


PHOENIX, AZ – On Friday, hundreds of the most influential Arizonans signed on to a letter to the Brophy Preparatory School Board of Trustees questioning the wisdom of its new vaccine mandate policy. In the letter, the administration is advised to either adopt the group’s proposed changes or convene the board of trustees for a discussion of the policy no later than August 23, 2021.

The letter writers identify themselves as “students and parents, alumni, and supporters” of Brophy, who believe the mandate “should be discussed thoughtfully and, ultimately, revised.”

The group makes the request based on its belief that “in its current form, the school’s new policy is both underinclusive and overinclusive in material ways.”

The letter writers also take exception to the quarantine policy as well as the testing policy which they also argue both “underinclusive and overinclusive in material ways.”

In their carefully crafted letter, the group alleges that the “Vaccine Alternative” is intentionally overburdensome even going so far as to deny unvaccinated student access to some learning opportunities.

“Any student who wishes to participate in overnight retreats or any school-related travel outside of the Phoenix metro area will be required to have proof of vaccine on file,” parents were advised in an email from Principal Bob Ryan.

In his letter to parents, Ryan announced that the school offer no hybrid learning opportunities for students who could not or would not submit to a vaccination.

“Over the last six months, it has become increasingly clear that the most effective way to contain the spread of the virus is to have a vaccinated community,” wrote Ryan.

The group warns the Board of Trustees against any reprisals made in response to the letter of concern.

“Finally, because many of the signatories of this letter are concerned about attempted reprisals from school administration and faculty, we respectfully remind you that it would be at best unethical, and likely unlawful, for the school to take any adverse action against a student or his family (unfavorable grading, assignments, and opportunities for participation, for example) for voicing their concerns in this matter. We trust you will explicitly prohibit all school administrators from engaging in retaliatory conduct.”

Governor Doug Ducey signed a bill prohibiting K-12 mask and vaccine mandates this past Legislative Session. It does not appear to apply to privately funded schools like Brophy.

The group request the following changes in Brophy’s policy:

  • Consistent with WHO guidance, the school should not mandate asymptomatic
  • If asymptomatic testing is mandatory—and again, it should not be—then (a) vaccinated students should not be exempted from the testing requirement and (b) students should have the option of testing on campus at the school’s
  • The vaccination mandate should include exemptions for medical justification, religious objections, natural immunity, and informed refusal. There should be no adverse treatment of families electing one of these
  • Participation in overnight activities should not be subject to greater restrictions than attending in-person classes.
  • After exposure, quarantine and a negative COVID-19 test should be alternatives to one another, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Letter to BCP Trustees (no students)
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