Greenburg Removed As Scottsdale Unified Board President, Refuses To Resign

Jann-Michael Greenburg reads a statement into the record of the Special Meeting of the Scottsdale Unified School Board.

On Monday night, Scottsdale Unified School Board President Jann-Michael was removed from his leadership role, but refused to resign despite numerous calls for him to leave in light of accusations that he and his father spied on and collected the personal information of parents.

The Board voted 4-1 in favor of stripping Greenburg of the presidency. He was the lone vote against.

The Board then moved to the subject of Greenburg’s resignation from the Board. Member Zach Lindsay and newly elected President Patty Beckman called on Greenburg to resign from the Board.

The defiant Greenburg implied that he believed there were nefarious forces out to get him. He claimed he welcomes an investigation of the scandal, which has become know as “The G Files.”

“I am reassured the Scottsdale Police Department is investigating this matter. There appear to be bad actors involved and I am confident our law enforcement professionals will quickly resolve these issues,” said Greenburg without offering any evidence. “Social media in today’s political environment can cloud judgment and generate fear that can cause all of us to react hastily as I believe has occurred here.”

Parents say it is Greenburg and his father who have ramped up fear by filming and photographing them, as well as following them on social media sites. [RELATED ARTICLE: VIDEO – Police Investigating Scottsdale School Board President Greenburg, Father “Really” Wanted Parent To Die]

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