Police Investigating Scottsdale School Board President Greenburg, Father “Really” Wanted Parent To Die

Mark Greenburg, father of Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg spies on protestors at the district's offices.

On Saturday, the Scottsdale Police Department announced that an investigation has begun into actions of school board president, Jann-Michael Greenburg, after it was revealed that he and his father allegedly collected and inadvertently distributed a dossier on some parents, their children, a popular radio show host, and concerned residents.

The collected material included photos and personal finance documents of their subjects.

The Scottsdale Police Department said it will report its findings when the investigation is completed. According to sources, Det. Tyler Parks is leading the investigation.

The younger Greenburg, still lives in his parents’ home, and some of the video files appear to have been created by the father in the presence of his son. Despite this, the son has denied any involvement in the spying effort.

According to AZFree News, “there are two instances in the past where his shared computer activity became evident. In an August school board meeting, Jann-Michael admitted that his brother, also named Mark, was the one who set up his Microsoft Word account. He didn’t explain further why his brother’s profile and name continued to be on his computer.”

Parent have reported feeling threatened by both father and son. And in the case of one parent, he might have had reason to feel threated.

After finding out that the elder Greenburg had wished him dead, Scottsdale parent, Edmond Richards, posted on Facebook: “Well, to everyone who wants me dead, I am still here. I am very saddened that JMG’s father – Mark Allen Greenburg – wants me dead. Oh well, I will not back down on defending my community or my children’s right to a fair and equitable education. Also, if I die and you have to throw a party, at least make it cat-themed.”

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On Friday, two members of the Board called for a Special Meeting to discuss demanding Jann-Michael’s resignation.

The meeting is set for Monday, November 15 at 6:00 p.m., at the district’s administration building located at 8500 E. Jackrabbit Road.

Scott Menzel, the superintendent of the district, announced that the district began the process of hiring an independent forensic investigator to determine if any school resources were used to compile, access or modify the private dossier created and maintained in Google drive folders by the Greenburg’s and shared by them. However, community members suspect that the move maybe intended to protect district staff who may have facilitated or otherwise supported the Greenburgs’ scheme.

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