Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Asking For Public’s Help In Nearly 7-Year-Old Hit-And-Run Case

Yavapai County Sheriff's Office

On December 22nd, 2014, just before 6:30 a.m., 70-year-old Joyce Erickson, a resident of the Prescott Country Club, was walking in the 1000 block of Old Chisholm Trail when she was struck by a vehicle. Joyce succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene of the collision.

Detectives have been attempting to locate the driver of the vehicle since 2014. The driver may not have seen Joyce as she was wearing dark colored clothing and walking in the street when she was struck. A resident in the area of the collision stated a vehicle made a “U” turn in their driveway and then left the area. That driver did not remain at the scene, nor did he or she contact police to explain their involvement.

To date, Detectives have followed up on several leads and have reason to believe the vehicle is either a passenger car or a small Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). The driver may have been leaving the Country Club area on the way to work. Due to the fact there was low lighting in the area and Joyce was wearing dark colored clothing, the Sheriff’s Office believes this incident was not intentional.

Detectives need the public’s assistance in locating the driver of the vehicle for questioning.

The vehicle is presumed to be a passenger style or small SUV vehicle which may have front and/or rear-end damage.

Detectives also implore the driver of the vehicle involved to contact them immediately as they are truly interested in any explanation offered which would aid in understanding the circumstances leading to Erickson’s death.

Please contact YCSO at (928) 771-3260 if you have any information related to this incident.

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