Yuma County Deputy, Border Patrol Agent Rescue 25 Migrants, Some Children From Fast-Moving Canal Waters

migrants rescued

On Saturday, January 8, 2022, at approximately 8:04 a.m., a Yuma County Sheriff’s deputy was on patrol on the Levee Road and County 13½ Street when he saw a group of people jumping into and swimming in the canal.

As he approached, panicked screams could be heard from men, women, and children having a hard time staying afloat in the water. The deputy responded quickly deploying ropes and tow straps to assist with pulling the near drowning victims to safety. He continued assisting the distressed group until he assured all individuals were out of danger. A United States Border Patrol Agent, who was patrolling the opposite side of the levee, also assisted the subjects by deploying additional tow straps.

All twenty-five of the subjects were pulled out of the water safely and were examined by medical personnel on scene. No major injuries were reported.

It was learned that the individuals were part of a group that had entered into the United States illegally and were en route to continue their journey into the country.

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