Osborne, John, Udall Blasted By Maricopa GOP For Blocking School Choice

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Arizona’s least popular Republican elected officials, Arizona State Rep. Joel John, Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, and Arizona State Rep. Joanne Osborne on a recent tour of the controversial Recorder’s office and Maricopa County Elections Department facilities. [Photo via Maricopa County social media]

An enthusiastic crowd of Maricopa County Republican Precinct Committeemen spent much of Saturday cheering for candidates, speeches, and various resolutions. It appeared that the only things they felt like booing were President Joe Biden and three liberal Republican legislators who joined with Democrats to block efforts to expand school choice options for children in lower income levels.

Representatives Joanne Osborne, Joel John, and Michelle Udall were blasted by the Maricopa County Republican Party for their anti-school choice records and, while they have attempted to defend their votes, it is clear that Republicans in their districts and across the county aren’t having it.

The resolution, which passed overwhelmingly, read in part that “… the Maricopa County Republican Party calls attention to, and opposes Republicans who campaign as conservatives while voting against school choice and against the best interests of students and parents – specifically Representatives Joanne Osborne, Michelle Udall, and Joel John.”

“It is awful that these important bills are failing by sometimes just one vote or two votes, and its Republicans like Osborne or Joel John that are betraying these kids and their parents.” said one angry Precinct Committeeman.  “They run like conservatives and call themselves conservatives but then they vote with the liberals to protect the status quo, even while it fails our kids.”

The precinct committeemen passed a number of conservative resolutions and even one additional resolution that was specifically critical of Representative Michelle Udall, who announced that she was leaving her legislative office to run for the statewide position of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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