Dear Fox News, Please Just Stop

Stop Giving Brnovich Undeserved Attention

mark brnovich
Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

Like the old saying goes, there are three certainties in life — death, taxes, and Fox News making sure we get to hear regularly from Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.  Actually, that’s not exactly how the old saying goes, but you’ll forgive Arizona voters for making that mistake, because as he has plodded along his U.S. Senate campaign, the Attorney General far better known for writing letters instead of lawsuits or charge documents, and for press releases galore when he actually does bring a lawsuit, remains omnipresent on Fox News’ television shows and on the pages of the Fox News website.

Hitting every campaign high note imaginable, Brnovich’s team has gotten him coverage on election integrity, border security, cancel culture, state sovereignty, vaccine mandates, executive overreach, and even a Thanksgiving love letter from Arizona’s AG thanking America for essentially all things American.

We’re not here to knock the AG’s political team, they’re doing it right.  If you can’t brag about convictions, at least look like you’re trying to do good, and this group keeps up appearances better than most.  And Brnovich is hardly the only state’s Attorney General who using “taking positions” on issues as a substitute for actually getting things done on those same issues.

Our complaint is to Fox News, and our request is a simple one:  “Stop it.  Please, just stop it.”

When AG Brnovich took on the Arizona Board of Regents and the establishment support it had, he deserved the attention and the kudos.  After all, he was actually trying to do something good and he was actually taking on the very AZ swamp that plucked him from obscurity and funded his election as AG in the first place.  But those moments have been very far and few between for him.

So enough of the free press coverage, designed to give him a leg up on his GOP competition in the U.S. Senate primary.  Arizona actually has an interesting primary field that includes Mick McGuire, Blake Masters, Jim Lamon, and Justin Olson.  That’s a lot of candidates with a lot of interesting views on issues that we don’t get to see because the bigwigs at Fox News have already picked their favorite candidate.  That’s certainly not doing Arizona any favors.