Kelly Joins Failed Effort To End Filibuster

mark kelly

On Wednesday, Sen. Mark Kelly joined fellow Democrats in a failed attempt to end the filibuster as part of a plan to federalize state elections.

Earlier this week, the freshman Senator Mark Kelly stunned Arizona voters when he announced that he intended to vote to end the filibuster. The announcement is expected to earn him praise from progressives but disdain from moderate Democrats, Independents, and Republicans.

Until Wednesday, Kelly had refused to publicly tell Arizonans his position on the filibuster despite the fact that his seatmate, and fellow Democrat, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, had earned praise from nearly everyone across the state except the far left.

“It’s now clear that Mark Kelly sold out Arizonans to the radical Left, which has been pushing to rewrite the rules of the Senate to pass their far-left agenda. While he refused to say in public where he stood, Kelly signaled he was on board with the far-left’s plans to nuke the filibuster behind closed doors in a call with his big-money donors,” said RNC Spokesperson Ben Petersen.

According to Petersen, “major liberal money groups have exerted intense pressure on Senators, including promising not to support Democrat Senate candidates financially unless they vote to eliminate the filibuster rule. Kelly’s hand was forced by Senate Democrat Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who plans to force vulnerable Senators like Kelly to take a vote on eliminating the filibuster this week as well as other unpopular legislation like Biden’s “Build Back Broke” scheme down the road.”

“It comes as zero surprise that Mark Kelly would go along with Schumer’s plan to blow up the filibuster to pass a partisan agenda with the slimmest majority possible,” said Stephen Shadegg, director of Americans for Prosperity – Arizona. “Kelly sold himself as a moderate to Arizona voters, but he has repeatedly proved he’ll be a rubber stamp for extreme left-wing policies. By voting to make changes to the filibuster, Kelly is advancing corrosive partisanship over the interests of Arizonans. Fortunately we still have one Senator who’s true to her word in Senator Sinema.”

This story was updated 8:37 p.m., 1/19/2022.