The Poison Pill: Sunday’s Comic

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Twitter, Musk battle escalates: Poison pill, Musk’s ‘plan B’ and a divided Wall Street

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s surprise $43 billion, unsolicited offer for Twitter kicked off a tumultuous week for the social media giant and its investors, which capped with Friday’s ‘poison pill’ via Twitter’s board to stop Musk in his tracks.

Now it’s anyone’s guess as to what happens next. FOX Business takes a deep dive into the latest developments and what investors and analysts are forecasting.

Poison pill backfire?: Wedbush’s Ives

Wedbush securities analyst Dan Ives told FOX Business on Friday that Twitter’s move to prevent a takeover from Musk is a “predictable defensive measure” that will “not be viewed positively by shareholders given the potential dilution and acquisition unfriendly move.”

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