Arizona’s Institutions Of Higher Leaching: Sunday’s Comic

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Your kids don’t need college, but the colleges need your kids (money)…

Arizona Board Of Regents Approves Tuition Hike For UA, NAU And ASU Students

A day before they approved a $780,000 contract extension for University of Arizona Vice President and Director of Athletics Dave Heeke, the Arizona Board of Regents approved tuition hikes on university students.

“The board recognizes any increase in tuition has an impact on Arizona students and families, but we are pleased that the presidents’ proposals included only modest added costs in 2022-23,” said ABOR Chair Lyndel Manson. “The proposals demonstrate the joint commitment of the presidents to prioritize Arizona, access and quality while shielding resident students to the greatest extent possible from extraordinary inflationary cost pressures.”

The University of Arizona tuition will rise 2% for incoming resident undergraduate students; resident undergraduate students not in the guaranteed program; and graduate resident students. New non-resident undergraduate students and continuing non-resident undergraduate students who aren’t in the guaranteed program will have a 5.6% increase. There is no change in the non-resident graduate tuition rate. In addition, three mandatory fees are increasing: Health and Recreation; Student Services; and the Arizona Financial Aid Trust Fund…

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  1. “Only modest added costs…” Pffft, when I started at the Oooh of Ahhh, my semester costs were $250 plus books, and eventually through raising costs topped out at 400/semester… much less than the ridiculous amount they charge now for added fees alone. (Pima College was $60/semester.) The Oooh’s football teams were losers but no one cared and they didn’t keep building facilities to keep crybaby athletes happy. Now the Ooh’s statewide use every excuse in the book to jack up the costs and so what? The kids can ALWAYS get loans. My career choice required a degree and still does, but I could have made a heck of a lot more money being a welder and would have had a lot more free time. How about taking a page from the leftists and defund the athletic departments, half the ‘esteemed perfessors’ and give the presidents a salary they really deserve… about a third of what they get now with no cash awards handed out whenever they do nothing notable.

  2. Is there a teacher at any level that should get 3/4 million $$ raise and produce much of NOTHING. They wonder why people are not going to schools, could it e because of lack of $$? they make 2% sound like nothing but when you are in the thousands small percentages add up real quick. If the vp was so good why has he not been recruited by the big dollar guys back east and over in kalif?

  3. Get your kids out of taxpayer funded indoctrination centers from K through college. Unions took over and now they’re WOKE and teach LGBQTIA-Z anit White/American & America. We were asleep at the wheel for too long. Defund ’em and stop going.

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