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Doctor Dud: Jill Biden Biography Sells Just 250 Copies in First Week

The American people are decidedly disinclined to pay $26 for a book about the life of President Joe Biden’s primary caretaker. Politico reports that a recently published biography of Dr. Jill Biden, Ed.D, sold just 250 copies in its first week of circulation.

The Politico article, which documents the professional anxiety of White House correspondents who find it “boring and difficult” to cover an administration whose policies they wholeheartedly support, cites the poor sales of Jill: A Biography of the First Lady by AP reporters Julie Pace and Darlene Superville as an example of why journalists are so bummed out now that a Democrat is in charge…

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  1. Maybe the Jill will become as a prolific writer as the Owebama clan… and all THEIR stuff become BEST SELLERS!!!!! (sarc… if you didn’t get it…)

  2. Wow! Writing a book AND taking care of a senile Resident of the U.S. Where did she EVER find the time? Shouldn’t she be doing something useful with her life, like taking their dog COMMANDER in for nice-dog training? And seriously… did Dan Snyder, owner of the football team in DC name his football team after the dog just to suck up to Biden? I guess the big question locally is whether Bookman’s in Tucson or Flagstaff will accept any of the 250 copies in their stores for re-sale. And hint to the person who did the comic, proof read your work…

  3. probably luck to have sold that many. Are they sure she didnt purchase to give away to her dedicated clowns? Another thing she is a Dr of what. She is not an MD or a dentist, or psycholgy right? Hers is just a honorarium for someone who spent a lot of time and money to get a degree. I do not support the use of such things in a persons name. It is just something to put on a job app or a business card as it actually has little to do with anything. Just like the idiot on one of the talk shows declared we have a real doctor (MD) in the house now! We have had many so called dr’s in positions here in se az (does sanchez ring a bell?) dumber than dirt and one who could not lead any type of organization, yet these so called dr’s are placed on perches to indicate they should be worshipped as gods.

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