Scottsdale Unified Parents Call For Investigation Of Employee Discussing Gender Ideology With Kindergarteners

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On Thursday, parents in the Scottsdale Unified School District demanded an investigation into reports of a staff member discussing gender ideology with kindergarteners. The demand followed multiple instances in which children expressed confusion and concern after encounters with the staff member, who claimed to be neither a male nor female.

According to Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) parents, Arizona State Representative Joseph Chaplik, Jan Dubauskas, and Carine Werner, children began expressing concerns and asking unusual questions after encounters with a staff member identified as Mia. According to the young students, Mia was eager to discuss her gender ideology with them. Mia claimed that she/he was neither male nor female.

The encounters left children feeling confused and fearful, according to parents.

In one instance, after an encounter with the District employee, a fearful young boy asked his mother if he “would always be a boy?” She reassured him that he would.

Efforts to discuss the matter with SUSD Superintendent Scott Menzel were unsuccessful and Mia remained in contact with young children. For her part, Dubauskas, an attorney who is also a candidate for the State Legislature, filed a formal complaint. She has yet to receive a response from District Administration.

“Woke gender indoctrination of young children is happening in Arizona; it is happening to my Kindergartener,” said Dubauskas, whose own child had an uncomfortable encounter. “And despite formal complaints, Scottsdale Unified still has this teacher in the classroom. We must take a stand and fight together for our precious children.”

“While it’s shocking for many to find out that a kindergartener was allegedly being groomed with talk of “gender identity” by a Scottsdale Unified School District employee, it’s no surprise to me as a parent in the district that this behavior was allowed to go on,” said Rep. Chaplik.

“Discussing “gender identity” with a Kindergartener is actually prohibited in Arizona schools, but there has been no discipline of the person involved, or even as much as an investigation,” explained Chaplik. “As a state legislator and the representative of this district (LD23), I think it’s time we do more to make this kind of perversion punishable with fines, termination and even jail time if the offense is serious enough.”

“Our children will not be sexualized by employees at our schools and those who attempt it should be prosecuted.” Chaplik concluded, “I am calling on my fellow legislators to join me in strengthening the law to protect the innocent.”

“It’s heartbreaking to hear the stories Moms are sharing about what this teacher did to their children,” said Werner. “I stand with the parents, we must restore trust between our district, parents and community.”

“It’s clear that Superintendent Scott Menzel prioritizes teachers promoting their sexual lifestyles to young children over protecting kindergarteners from these gender-confusion advocates,” said Jill Dunican, who has exposed numerous instances of indoctrination through the District’s GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliances) Club promoted by GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network. “This is why parents who can are fleeing Scottsdale schools.”

Scottsdale mother of five, and school board candidate Amy Carney offered her support for the investigation on Twitter, “I stand with @DubauskasJan  against the adults in our schools who are pushing their gender indoctrination on our minor children. Enough is enough!”

Concerned Parents and Community Leaders Pen Open Letter To Scottsdale Unified School District

We are writing on behalf of all the concerned parents and community leaders who are disturbed by the recent revelation of woke gender ideology in Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD).

In April and May, it was discovered and reported by several parents that an SUSD employee is having inappropriate gender identity conversations with kindergartners, making comments about their own gender and their gender identity of children. When this was reported to the Superintendent, we expected immediate action. However, it appears that the well-being of our children does not take priority with the district. Since the report, this person remains in the classroom with the children. The consequences of five and six-year-olds hearing these radical ideas cannot be undone.

This is a serious violation of the Arizona Administrative Code that prohibits sex education lessons or instructions before the 5th grade. And this is a great breach of trust that parents had in SUSD to only teach our children the fundamentals of reading, writing, math, and science. There’s no excuse for teachers and employees to have these conversations with children.

We are calling for an immediate investigation into the incident and demanding an immediate suspension of the SUSD employee in question, until the investigation is complete. If found to be guilty, we demand the employee be immediately terminated to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again.

We demand immediate review of new teacher orientation so that all new employees know and adhere to Arizona State laws. The Arizona Department of Education Parental Rights Handbook states, “The liberty of the parents to direct the upbringing, education, healthcare, and mental health of their children is a fundamental right.“ We will tirelessly defend our parental rights without public school intervention.

And yet, a much larger issue is at hand. We ask ourselves, “How could something like this happen in Scottsdale Unified?“ The school boards and education bureaucrats said, “Trust us, your kids are not being taught radical ideologies,“ but we know that’s not true because it’s happening all over the country. And now we’ve seen it with our own eyes.

Education is a critical issue and parents are waking up to the reality what’s happening in our classrooms. Our kids are being indoctrinated with woke ideology and being taught to hate our country. This time, we aren’t letting it slide. We are first advocates for parental rights, and we demand transparency and accountability from our school boards. We will not stop until our schools get back to teaching – not indoctrinating.


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